Chinese Lunar Party @ RASA Utrecht

3 Feb. 2011 – How do you celebrate the Chinese New Year?

This was one of the questions they asked me on the Dutch National Radio interview. I volunteered bringing people together as a performing artist, co-organizer of this wonderful cultural celebration of Chinese New Year event at RASA, theater for World Cultures bringing them joy and happiness. Of course, Chinese New Year is less amusing then in China. But we try to make the best out of it! We should enrich culture!

Chinese New Year is the most spectacular day of the year. Everybody in China is celebrating it, fireworks, a lot of good food and traditional dishes, snacks and more. The sphere is really nice. Married couples give red envelope with brand new notes inside, known as Hong Bao in Mandarin and Lai See in Cantonese, to unmarried, most of whom are children. A gift which is given during holidays or special occasions. The red color symbolizes good luck and ward off evil, known in Eastern countries. A lot of happiness and joy, family and friends come together and have dinner.

This morning I took Dark Angel to the car-wash. She was dirty, so I took her to a shower. While driving through the wash lane another TV programmer called me. The situation made it quite funny.

Now she’s clean & shiny I immediately drove to a college in Alkmaar, which is about an hour driving from Utrecht. There I had to give a Kungfu workshop to the VWO pupils. They had a China theme and different Chinese cultural workshops.

This college offers the subject; Chinese language. There should be more of these schools in Holland. This is a great opportunity for the new generation. When I was in college I didn’t had this wonderful offer!

Here are some pictures, there were 55 teenagers! Wow, this is amazing. I didn’t had a microphone but still it went really good and they were all enthusiast about this art. I’m happy that I also emphasized on the philosophy and culture of Chinese Kungfu, instead of the physical movements.

It is important that the youth learn to know their body. Balancing the body without errors. That, what is out of balance, is dangerous. This is the same in life. Overdoing or not living in harmony with nature, is risky.

Learning Kungfu keeps them fit and healthy. Purifying the mind, and to be aware of the surroundings by forgetting them. It is an art that comes with a deep philosophy.

First of all, the pupils are all stiff, and not flexible. Except for some girls in the group, but they need strength.

You have to loosen your muscle to relax and adjust to the flow of the movement. If you want to eat, you have to open your mouth right?

It was amazing to see such a big group of Western students practicing Chinese Kungfu, it gives me self-satisfaction. I am proud of you guys!

After this class I had to rush back to Utrecht. The weather was fine, so I enjoyed driving. In Utrecht I had to go to the RASA Theater for the Wu Dao Dragons performance  in the evening. This event was organized by Kosmopolis Utrecht, Rasa, ACSU, Wu Dao Dragons, Stichting Lai Yin and local entrepreneurs. But we had to do the rehearsal and technical stuff. I didn’t had lot of sleep, because I was editing the Music Video for the performance till deep in the night. Everything was a bit in a hurry, but it was a good show. I really appreciated the warm support and enjoyed the sphere.

It was definitely different backstage, but that is the perspective of the performing artist. Although the technical problems and preparation, I have to say Congratulations Wu Dao Dragons! It was really good to see people enjoying the show. If the our music video worked well on the background, it would be even better! You know what, it is always the technical problems,  it is not the first time. Last year with the China Festivals the music also went down when Koon hit the floor. Guess what, this is the second time! And we changed the sequence, but what a coincidence he had problems with the music when he was doing his solo. Yup, I just find it really sad for him but appreciate his professional spirit and persistence. To me it was quite stressful fixing the technical problems with the technician, because you want to concentrate on the performance. It needs a lot of focus. I’m happy to have Leon and Weije here as our presenters, both good friends of mine. In the back of this picture you see Bas as the DJ. We all know each other and that is so beautiful about it when we combine our strength we can make something together, which we should be proud of ourselves.

Later that eve, we had another performance. This was for the club party at the same location.

Finally at 22.30 we can change clothes and have a drink and a chitchat with our friends in the club party. Pack in and time for some pictures 😉 So this was my Lunar year instead of having dinner with family. Stressful but exciting and self satisfying. When I hear the applause and the smiles I’ll forget all the hard work.

I would like to thank everybody who came to see us, our performance and participated the Chinese NY event. The sphere was really great. I love it! Special thanks to my sister & Ck for the help.

It was a heavy day, fully planned, workshop and two performances.. and all the other organisational things and problems between. There are times that I am so stressed by the pressure, but I never had given up for the things I did.

During hectic and stressful times, I’d like to relax my self by taking a hot tube, I try to stay under the water as long as I can hold my breath. This will loosen me completely. This is the way I relax & recharge myself. Another good help is a nice massage. Burn a home scent and put on relaxing music. That will calm you down by feeling, smelling and hearing it. Maybe it will work for you too.

I get my inspiration from the daily life and I’ll think about it when I go to bed. In my sleep, it’s processing the memories and fantasy.

Woohooo, NCRV Package Post!!

Hiya’ll !! I got the DVD’s of the NCRV television game show – I know where your house lives! With me, my family and friends. This show was shot in December 2010 and will be broadcasting on 5th of March 2011, 20.00 Themakanaal Spirit24 or

Tonight, I invited via Facebook the cast of the Chinese Family, the supporters who participated this show, for the premiere!! 😀

Thanks for the support everyone! It was really fun and so happy to represent the Chinese group. NCRV gives out 5 DVD copies for the team members.

I’ll try to get approval to put it online at so that you guys can check out online too!

NCRV Broadcasting at Dutch National TV Channel 2 – Spirit24

Shooting My Dearest Mastermind

Art. 273 Charity Foundation wants to influence the public opinion of human trafficking. To rise the awareness of those criminal activities and issues around the world.

Mission Art. 273 : abolishing human trafficking by:

  • making injustice visible
  • influencing public opinion
  • creating awareness
  • supporting local projects

ART273 from art273 on Vimeo.

Did you know that Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in history?

“Next to arms and drugs, also the most profitable. There are 27 million people sold across borders into slavery today. 50% of the victims are minors, roughly 80% are girls and women. That’s about twice the combined population of London and New York. Experts say it would take 25 years to end human trafficking and slavery. But only if we join forces. We have to reverse history!”

It is a serious issue, the stories are horrible. Especially when you hear it personally. Things happens in the world and sometimes it could be so horrible. Then you realize how lucky most of us already are.

My Dearest Mastermind is an initiative of Chung Dha Lam, he wrote the script and basically made this short. This charity film is to fight against human trafficking to raise the awareness of this happening. It is a local project for the fund raising Charity Event. My little contribution is to volunteer the leading role.

I was first asked to direct this short. But things changes very fast, and instead of behind the scene, I am now in front of the camera. It is a good experience.

First of all, we all voluntarily participate in this charity project. There is No budget, which means; no expense allowance and candy’s for dinner. To me, it is mainly to support this charity event.

Shooting day 1

Today, I started with a meeting in the morning for next weeks Chinese New Year event. After that I rushed to my Wushu class to give lesson to my kids, then again, rushed to The Hague for filming or actually acting. I was sooo hungry! Didn’t had time for breakfast or lunch. In the car I took a piece of cake which I had from the birthday girl.

The location is like a hospital, a center for rehabilitation or something. But with nobody in the rooms and office. Of course it is Saturday day off. The location was reserved for shooting. I was reading my script which I received the last night. Luckily there is not much speaking in this film.

Finally, we were 5 hours on the set and we just shot 12 minutes and 4gb the first day. It is way too slow.

I’m tired after all the work today. My back tooth hurts. When the mandarins were eaten, there was only candy on the table to still the hunger, so that’s why.

Shooting day 2

I was shocked when I checked the call sheet for Sunday. The call from 12.00 which is heaven, but we were expected to shoot till 01.00? How come? It is not that much filming I suppose. But I believe we will shoot faster than the first day.

I’m not telling too much, this short film will be launched online. So I’ll post it when it’s done! But I can assure you the nice images, beautiful exposure in the film!

Now i’m leaving you, i’m going to the premiere at The Hague stadhuis for the Charity Fund Raising Event.

I’m wondering how much money we can generate for this charity fund!

On the set of Amsterdam Heavy

Shooting Day 1 – @ Rotterdam

06:30 am – The day started very early in the morning. It is still dark and grey outside. I didn’t had much sleep, and so are Koon & David. They took a nap while listening to the warm relaxing ballads. It was so quiet.

The building use to be a warehouse. When we entered the building, it really gives you the underground feeling, dark and dirty, there were graffiti on the walls, broken bricks, just the right place for criminal activities. I have one word to describe it, creeeepy.

The room where we stayed was called the Death Room, sounds good right? It looks like a crime scene, just like in the movies. Wit the blood on the wall it looks like a SAW movie scene. There we stayed for like half a day after the make up and dressing, waiting for the cast call. But it was very very cold, It was like freezing.

Click here to check out our vlog

We have a small heater in the room which didn’t produced much heat. We were all sitting around the heater. There were also such a thing called hot hands, which are warm packets to warm up your hands, but some put it on the neck, and some in their shoes. We pass that around to keep people alive till the shoots are done.

The best thing is the gas heater, which looks like this! But it makes a lot of noise, so every time we were rolling the heater needs to be turned off.

Some weaponry showcase  . .

I thought I have clothed well for the set but double pants is probably not enough! My toes were frozen!

It’s lunchtime!

We went outside to have some fresh air and went to the theater at the corner which is luxury to us at that moment . . sure that the director wouldn’t like that but the whole crew were going to this theater for the toilet. It was like heaven, clean bathroom, comfortable sofa’s, lounge music, everything to relax for a while =)

Check out the video by clicking above picture

One last scene to go today. We’ve been waiting for another 4 hours, and at the end, we’ve been told that we can leave. My dear!

20.30 pm – After all it was a long long day without daylight, locked up in the death room, for some a nightmare. But I’m happy that the Wu Dao Dragons had the chance to play in this movie together.

There is a Chinese saying, ‘有得有失’, 我们看事要看远点。

In life there are ups and downs, you can’t always count on the good things. On the long run, you might benefit from it. Just like a cup of thee, some are bitter and some are light. If you never tried the bitter thee, you wouldn’t be aware of how good the other cup tastes.

Shooting day 2 – @ Rotterdam

So here we are back in the Death room, as you can see the blood patterns are still unchanged. I had an incredible good night sleep. Packed in twice as good as yesterday to assure not to suffer like we did yesterday. A good night rest makes the difference! wow, I’m so energized!

Here are some pictures with the AK’s. Never thought I will shoot with an AK-47 Rifle, for the first time, it feels great!! and damn what a noise! It is a pity that David didn’t came with us, he had to prepare his sis birthday party for tonight! And we will be attending for sure! with the make up =P

On the set we had to take off our clothes in the T-shirt like in the summertime, but in fact we were  trembling from the cold!

13.00 – We’re done! This is really amazing! Good planning! Yesterday was like hell, and today it’s fun! And no death room anymore. We can go home =)

We went to Chinatown and bought some delicious cakes, especially the egg tarts, hmmmm yummie!

Shooting day 3 – @ Amsterdam

So this is our nice ride, and we’ve got a good Limo driver too. Let’s rock n roll!

Click here to check out the vlog

With agent Brandt (Fajah Lourens)

Shooting day 4 – 12.00 pm @ Rotterdam

Shooting day 4, I lost my 2 mates. This is the blood they left behind.

I’ll let them pay for this . .

Today I had a fight scene, well I wouldn’t say fight scene myself, it is more a fight shot. Wish it could last longer than it is. Too tired to type anymore, still need to drive back to Utrecht.

21.00 – Home.

This movie goes to the Cannes Film Festival and will be released in theaters hopefully by the end of this year.

2010 Most Memorable Moments & Highlights

To share with you, here are just some of the precious moments I had this year =)




  • Making of ‘A Single Step’

  • CinemAsia Film Festival



  • Birthday Party

  • Raften

  • Hong Kong

  • China Festival Utrecht

  • GTST

  • Ataraxia

  • NCRV TV SHOW ‘Ik weet waar jouw huis woont’

  • Wu Dao Kungfu Group

Wu Dao Dragons – Koon Chan, Alex Cheung, David Moh.


Most Luckiest moment

Winning the CinemAsia Shorts Entries

Sweetest moment

Getting kissed on my cheek by ..

Funniest moment

Australian Ice Salon incident

Most exciting moment

The minutes backstage before our entrance @ China Festival

Most emotional moment

When playing the piano, thinking about the moments.

Most touching moment

Girl friend cooking for me

Most frustrated moment

caused by a girl friend

Most uncovering moment

with Keren & Grace

Most horrible moment

Shu Yung Lam murdered

Most discouraging moment

Exam board disapproved my internship @ Int. cross media company

Most Exploded moment

Fight @ Pizza store

Most Hollywood Action Movie moment

A2 Racer to Amsterdam Premiere ‘A Single Step’ film festival

Most timeless moment

Lying on the snow, watching all the snow flakes falling down . . .

Most Romantic moment

Meteor Rain at the beach

Most Beautiful moment

Premiere ‘A Single Step’

Most Relaxing moment

Hot bathing after a long day of filming

Most feel good moment

When I think about life

Most LOL moment

Having fun with sales girl in Hong Kong Shopping mall with YL

Most ROFL moment

a lot

Most Sexy moment

Most Hippie moment

Driving too fast on the fast lane in Dark Angel, enjoying the sun and music. Suspected as Chinese Triads in a run away deal, almost got away but stopped by cops at the traffic light (it was red). [Read the full story at : come back later]

Most Dangerous Moment

Most crowded K-night

Most Shocking Party

Most All You Can Eat Moment

@ Stella’s birthday (restaurant)

Most frightening Sushi diner

Overload of sushi’s @ Sushi Today

Most WTF moment

being chased/robbed after screening ‘A Single Step’ by group of youngsters

Most inspirational moment

JUMP Martial Arts Slapstick Comedy show

Most heavenly dinner

Most Healthy moment

Jogging to the Wudang Mountain

Most adventurous moment

Sealand trip

Free as a bird moment

When driving in my Celica.

Most thankful moment


Most happiest moment

Well, I can’t remember this, but it should be some kick ass fun!

I Love You All for making my life so colorful! When I close my eyes, I can picture those wonderful moments with you my dear, ~ Love my family, love my friends and every single one of you for the love you share with me.

I feel lucky to be one of the seven billion people on earth. Enjoy life! ~

Leave me a comment if you like this blog. I would definitely appreciate it, every single comment motivates and encourages me to create and share =) It could be anything! opinion, expression, ideas or even complaints! (as long as they are about others =P ) I’m just kidding.

‘If you love life, don’t wast time. For time is what life is made up of.’ So true.

Cheers to life!

Alex Cheung

Winner of NCRV TV show ‘I know where your house lives’

Yesh!!! We have won the game show!! Let’s get to party! hahaha

I am really happy because I was quite excited about it, the sphere was also quit competitive. Both parties had the will to win. But there is just one winner.. and we did it!

I was invited to participate with this new cultural TV show with my family, where two families from different culture plays against each other in an interactive quiz. We had to answer cultural questions to know each other better. And to see how people think about the other cultural group. It was fun to be on a television show along with my family and friends. It was meaningful, and happy to represent the Chinese party. If you didn’t made it, be sure to be there next time!

I had been there before, so it was not hard to find the AKN building in Hilversum. I had to pick up the VIP’s, my cousins Manuela and Edwin, it was really slippery on the road, because of the snow/ice here in Holland. We glided at a turn and almost hit the other vehicle! Luckily Dark Angel stopped right in time. When we finally arrived in Hilversum at the studio, we were taken care by the makeup artist and then we directly moved in a hurry to the recording room with a green screen to shoot an introduction video. Seriously the building was like a maze, so many doorways where you could easily get lost to. Then they told us that it could be the Suriname or the Moroccan family but still didn’t revealed the so-called ‘North Pole family’, which we’ve been told since the beginning. We’ve been asked to tell our thoughts and prejudices of other parties. Then we headed to the studio for the program recording. There we meet the other party. It is the Moroccan family. We had a small talk and let the technical staff do their work.

Then the Moroccan family starts to sang their national anthem, and we asked David to perform some Chinese Kungfu. He did a good job. It was a nice powerful performance on stage. I would like to perform together with him but I had all the microphone and wires on my clothes. So that was not handy. We enjoyed the performance and the stage was well decorated as our living room. They made a Moroccan and a Chinese living room where we were sitting with our supporters. On the side there was seats for audience. Mimoun Ouled Radi (actor) was the captain of the Moroccan family. I have to say, he really likes to joke around, he’s a fun guy. Our group were led by Lulu Wang (writer). I am not giving away the whole show. So I’ll try to keep it short, it was excited, the scores are tight, it was interesting to learn more about each others culture. This show will be broadcast in January 2011. So stay tuned, I’ll post it on my Facebook page and this website, it would be announced by aCreations when the date is confirmed.

I am very happy to see you guys ~

Thanks everyone for coming and your support! Cheers!