Tesla – Electric Beauty

So this is THE fastest electricity driven vehicle from Tesla. Yea.

My first impression when I saw the car..  it was attractive, since it is a sports car and colored red. When I took a closer look, it has very nice finishing in the interior. Some leather and carbon are combined. The seats are really nice, and gives you a very solid feel. It has the total sports look.

In my opinion the nose of the car is a bit too low, and in overall it looks like a Lotus Elise. I mean if you drive by with this car people may see it as a Lotus and since this car cost the double of the Elise..

I like the back design of the car more than the front. The headlights are nice deep, but at some point of views the headlights looks a bit more like a square shape than angry looking headlights.

ROADSTER SPORT 2.5 Specs . . from 0 to 97 km/h just in 3,7 seconds, wow that is amazing!

It has No Emissions, which is truly heaven. No road tax 😀 and good for our lovely nature!


There will be more and more electricity driven vehicles produced in the coming few years. The market demand for electricity driven vehicles is growing. Since Toyota succeeded in their advanced hybrid cars there are now an increased numbers of hybrid automobiles in the market. A sports car without petrol, how nice is that right.

It is really surprising how far you could go with a single charge. I think the Tesla roadster is a very playful car, you get instant power when you accelerate. Just step on the accelerator and you can go one way till the speed limit allows you. So it should be really fun at traffic lights for example.

There is no room for luggage, the roadster has not any extra space left for some grocery goods. And with a partner sitting next to you, i’m really starting to wonder where to put my sport bag.

The car has a low center of gravity. Compared to my Celica GT it is even way lower. As for myself, I don’t like the center console. I prefer one where you can lay your arm on and separates the front seats if you know what I mean.

So, if you like the smell of petrol and the noise of a V8 engine sound, you definitely shouldn’t go for a Tesla. But if you value for energy efficient driving and not getting lame by hours of traffic jam, then this could be your solution. The new way of driving. A true Eco friendly car.

Price tag starts from € 84.000,-

Conspiracy of the Manila Philippine Incident

Tonight on National Geographic – The Netherlands

When I was in Hong Kong, I was following this news live, and it just makes you so upset and furious about the ridiculous rescue of the Philippine SWAT team.  How could you let this happen, this entire incident was an inconceivable tragic. Hong Kong government insisted to move to bodies back to Hong Kong for further investigation as they lost all trust in the Philippines.

When the hostages were captured in the tour bus, negotiation failed. Mendoza, a 55 year old gunman requested the Philippines government to re-investigate his case of dismissal as he was a former police officer fired last year.

Really digusting to see what happened!

Celebrate Chinese New Year with us Sunday 22nd in Utrecht

Hello everyone,

This is the 2nd time we celebrate the Chinese New Year in Utrecht city at Rasa world cultural centre. I have been contributing to the programming and the participation of Wudao in this event. For the PR promotion of this event I made  a Teaser video in 3 days. I think this is the first cooperation between Wudao & aCreations. I believe in the near future we will produce more and more creative arts together. During the filming process a lot of people stood by and were curious what we are doing at the ‘Oudegracht’ in Utrecht city. Some were filming us and taking pictures with us.

I was totally focused on the filming part, because I didn’t had enough time to prepare and had a just a few days to deliver the video. Everybody volunteered in this project, so it was hard to count on the attendance that day. But we make the best out of it and it had a great effect. Although the cold weather we still had fun together. I was worrying whether I could finish filming before the sun goes down. The day started with a bad news, a message that the lead actor couldn’t come, he was sick. So we changed a bit of the storyline and I stepped in to play a bigger part in the film. It is stressful because you want to focus on one thing rather than 2 different things, or 3, production, filming and acting. At the end we’re all satisfied and got positive reactions. I can go with it since it was a last minute project.


Read Article: http://kosmopolisutrecht.blog.com/2012/01/19/wu-dao-is-klaar-voor-jaar-van-de-draak/

Come and join us @ utrecht Rasa, I am in the programming of this Chinese New Year event and will be performing Kung Fu and giving a workshop that day. Kung Fu panda will be there giving out lucky money! Don’t miss it 😀
This year we focus on the younger generation of Dutch Chinese society. Artists, musicians, filmmakers will show their work at Rasa Utrecht!

Flight to Hong Kong


Breakfast: French baguette with smoked salmon yummy

I’m ready for my flight at 12.40 and after the check in and customs there was an office.. Tax free office.. so I was interested and walked to the counter and asked the madame what the office does. Her desk was by the way full of receipts.. 😛 Then she made clear to me that this service is only for foreigners traveling, they can claim the tax payed for the goods at the Tax Free zone, but as Dutch citizens they say its tax free but it’s actually not. Good to know, I continued for my flight haha

before I take my fight I looked for some souvenirs..






What is so special about this hat, well it’s warm for in the cold winter haha

My sister is fond of this textile material, she would love it. (she already have one, a bear or panda was it)

So here we are at the gateway Schiphol Amsterdam Holland.

Let’s see what Cathay have to offer on the menu, I can remember good food flying with Cathay. I was hungry! I had two extra croissants and went to the kitchen and snacked a little bit and you know what, I even asked the stewardess personal snacks and she treat me the Dutch waffles! It was tasty! Let me share you my flight menu:

I haven’t slept much, I think I have starred to the monitor for more than 8 hours. I watched 3 movies, Planet of the Apes which is a good one, didn’t watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4, hope to see it with my friends later. Some tv shows and some interesting interviews like Paco with guests Wong Jing and Leung famous film directors from Hong Kong sharing their stories as filmmakers.

You see, good appetite right?

So while having my instant noodles I was checking for other TV programs and guess what is among the list of programs, Kung Fu Supernova!

I was surprised that even in the plane I can watch Kung Fu Supernova, how would it be to see yourself in a tv show in the plane?


Small chang for good, my last bit of Euros.


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The younger Chinese generation (invitation)

This year is the celebration of 100 years Chinese in Holland. We have seen a lot from the first and second generations Chinese in Holland now, and wondering what will the future look like with the younger Chinese generation. Therefore 20 youngsters are selected to be portrayed in this exhibition.

There will be portraits about  their ambition, dreams and future. It is my honor to be showcased as one of the youngsters during this exhibition and a pleasure to me working with Eveline and Pay-Uun for the interview and photo session.

Stopera is literally the combination of the city hall of Amsterdam and Opera (music theater) in one building in the center of Amsterdam.

The photo show will be available until 2 December 2011 in the Stopera Amsterdam. This Saturday 29th of October, 14.00 – 16.00 Andre Es (wethouder/alderman) will be opening this great event with a speech.

Hope to you meet you there.

Photos by Eveline Renaud professional photographer  &  Documented by Volkskrant journalist Pay-Uun Hiu

Source: http://www.100jaarchinezen.nl/



Get An IPAD 2 Free (delivered)

Hey buddy, Where on Earth are you suppose to get IPADs for free? This is insane!

Using psychology to cover up this marketing trick,  to persuade people to attend this Facebook topic of ‘remember Steve Jobs’ and get an IPAD free, and people do this because they think they have nothing to lose, or really think they can get an Ipad delivered to their address. At the end, they’re just remembering Steve Jobs and get it forwarded right? But hold on a second, where not looking for targets like Jerry the mouse right? SCAM! This shows that most people are greedy.. We’re living in an acquisitive society, and people make use of it.

The first line in the Facebook SCAM is exactly this: “The First 25,000 Participants Will Get An iPad 2”

HA HA HA HA How ridiculous can this be!

As the mouse will fall into the trap, I do believe Jerry the mouse won’t.

So actually their target is to reach at least 25,000 mice each Facebook event. Multiply this and WOw! That is Massive isn’t it.


Seeing all those participators, it just make no sense at all.

it just shows even more that Apple brought her brand to another level, becoming a Lovemark to their success in Western countries.

To the compromised accounts, Change your account password. This scam is on the Google Alert list. But I think it should have been in your alert list way earlier and go right to the trashcan.
This is what happened in 2 days.

Attending: 11.728 -> 16.735 (Tom)

Not attending: 11.647 – 11.659 (Jerry)

Have not yet replied: 172.602 -> 207.091 assuming  these are (Jerry’s)

What I don’t understand is why there are 2.180 people who don’t know wheter or not to attend, they just clicked ‘i don’t know/maybe’ Doesn’t make any sense, you go or not. This is so stupid. I call them the (Cheese)

Categorized in 3 parties, which one would you’ve been? (Be honest to yourself)

About this story..

To me, it means: Marketing is worth to study and social media is the future ~

It is a love hate relationship thought 🙂

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to post the instructions here to get the free IPAD delivered 🙂

You must follow these steps and complete them “carefully”.


Step 1: Click “here” not “here“.

Step 2: Click on the tab ‘iPad’
If you skip this step, the automated system will not register you. This is very important.

Step 3: Click on ‘Order now’ and choose what type/color you would like to receive. (Black/White)(16gb/32gb) remember to skip all the crossing selling items..

Step 4: Continue to the register and fill in the shipping details on where you want your iPad 2 to be DELIVERED. Now PAY your Order.

Step 5: Come back to this site and leave a message whether you have received your iPad 2 or not.
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Chinese Moon Festival

Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed the Moon Festival, and had some great time with the people you want to be with. I enjoyed it very well, it was most of the time performing on stage or training. But had some very good times and nice dinners as well.

Actually the Chinese Moon Festival or Zhongqiu Festival is a very very nice day. Bright moon in the heavens, surrounded by blinking stars. It is one of the most important celebrations in the Chinese tradition more than 3000 years old. Now it is a public holiday in China and Taiwan, even in Vietnam they celebrate this wonderful festival and of course the Chinatowns worldwide. Families are gathering and having dinner together. Eating Mooncake, matchmaking, carrying sky lanterns, burning incense to Chang’e and the Dragon dances and Moon rabbit are all traditions of this Moon Festival.

You know, it can be good if you are very busy or really into something and need a brake. Then you should take the time to refill yourself and enjoy from nature things, like a walk in the nature, mountains and waters or the sky and heaven. Collect the chi and you will feel more energized after. People now are so attached to technology, electronic devices. Working behind the computer at day and watching e-mail with your laptop at home and communicating with Facebook while traveling. It is a pity if you missed the beautiful moon, how long did you look up to the sky and enjoyed the beautiful moon with your eyes?

I have written a comedy Moon ACT for our Wudao Dragons performance show to celebrate Chinese Moon Festival. It is a story about 3 Martial Artists, named the ‘Wudao Dragons’ gathering at the mountains to enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the Moon. Then suddenly when they are dancing the Moondance, they were attacked by a bunch of villains and stolen their precious Wudao Martial Arts Manual. This is the beginning of this adventure.. I’ve added the Wudao Elements to this story to create characters and interaction. You could have a glimpse of it watching the video on the www.facebook.com/wudao.nl and will be posting some footage of our rehearsal. It would be great if we can perform this again but in theater in the near future, because with the sound and lights on stage it will even make it better. I have also invited Kung Fu Panda from ancient China to join our Wudao Dragons show in The Hague capital city of Holland, and unfortunately he didn’t catch up the flight and had some checks at the customs. But still made it to the other events. You can now book Kung Fu Panda at www.wudao.nl

Check out the photos at www.facebook.com/wudao.nl

For more information about the ‘100 jaar Chinezen’ 100 years Chinese in Netherlands go to  www.100jaarchinezen.nl




Guest performance at CRTV – Chinese Original Singing Performance with Chinese Moon Festival in Amsterdam CRTV Studios.


Google Google oh Google.. When I was looking for a cheap ticket from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, a friend told me that Google launched its new online flight tickets search machine for finding the lowest fares. So I tried the online search machine www.google.com/flights, and unfortunately it resulted to this: ‘Sorry, locations outside the U.S. are currently not supported.’

For the friends outside the States, I think we can come back later 🙂