Happy Chinese Moonfestival中秋節快樂!


This evening I am having a live interview at CRTV Radio 21.00 in Amsterdam. There is an Chinese Songwriters event and then I will perform a Kungfu form for the opening. I wish everybody a happy Moonfestival and enjoy the time with your family and friends with the traditional Mooncake.

The Hague (Den Haag) Wudao Dragons Kungfu show

The performance last weekend was outstanding, spectacular, it is the premiere of our new slapstick comedy ACT, which is the Wudao Dragons story of the Moonfestival.  I will upload the pictures tonight! Cheers 🙂



Wudao Dragons Showtime Celebrating Moonfest at Den Haag (Atrium)

Dear friends,

This year we Wudao Dragons will have a performance to celebrate the Chinese moonfest. Saturday 10 Sept. in The Hague Atrium at 15.00 Come and see our spectacular show withe our new Moonfest. ACT! Promise Never seen before! See you there! 🙂


Alex Cheung


Beste vrienden,

Ook dit jaar hebben wij Wudao Dragons een groots optreden om de Chinese maanfeest te vieren. Zaterdag 10 Sept. in Denhaag Atrium om 15.00  kom kijken naar ons spectaculaire show met een Moonfest. ACT! Nooit eerder gezien! Tot dan 🙂


Alex Cheung


TVB – Kung Fu Star show

When I left Wudang Mountain, I headed South towards the Guangdong district and finally back home in Hong Kong. It was a great experience at Wudang and I didn’t expected another adventure during my stay in China.

TVB Kung Fu Star (全球功夫新星)which is broadcasting this evening in Hong Kong. I feel lucky to have this opportunity to show my talent and potential. I am proud to represent Holland to compete against other contestants. This program stimulates Martial Arts in media and therefore it got my full support, good idea!

It perfectly fits into my Journey to the East adventure. And I can say during my stay in China, I had lots of great experiences and met lots of people, including masters by fate.

I also want to thank all the friends for supporting my Kung Fu Star 全球功夫新星 appearance. Even when I am in Hong Kong, I’ve got your support. And I actually did not expected so many people were able to come and support me at TVB 全球功夫新星show. But the most touching moment for me was actually when I finished my first form, hear the warm applause at the background, then I can see my grandfather sitting next to the jury in the middle of the audience is standing up. He is so excited and happy seeing his grandson doing so well. Because I can finally show him that I am already grown up. Since he does not really know my active life in Holland. Their recognition is my challenge during this visit back home in Hong Kong, and nothing better than this performance can express my thoughts and summarize my performance for the past few years. So I’m glad everything went so well. I want to win this price for my grandfathers big birthday. It would be the perfect present.

Day 2 – TVB International Kung Fu Star 2011 shooting

Today, we fought all day long, and training, rehearsals. With MC Jin and Chin Ka Lok, actor/action choreographer.  Have slept for less than 5 hours yesterday we spent our day at the rooftop of TVB Studios. I would like to share more and show you some pics or even videos but I should sleep now, cuz TVB bus is picking me at 6.30 in the morning. And I’m really happy TVB bus took me home today, cuz ytd was like 23.30 home and getting up at 5.30

Man, all the finalist are doing really good and works hard. But it is indeed tiring for us all.

Some info I would like to share with you about the final contest. There are 8 Finalists, representing different countries;

Hong Kong (2) Tai Chi & Wushu, Choy Lee Fat

Holland (me) Wudang, Wingchun, Bakmei, Shaolin Wushu

Malaysia (2) Wushu

Singapore (1) Wushu

UK (1) Southern styles and Wushu, basically knows all weapons!

USA (1) Shaolin Temple
I’ll reveal what they will perform when I’ve got time to sit behind my lap!

TVB Kung Fu Supernova

So my journey at TVB is starting today. For those who missed the news, I’ve been selected by TVB to participate the International Kung Fu Star 2011 reality show right after my Journey to Wudang. There are preliminaries for several countries and I will represent The Netherlands for this contest. I will update you via my blog and www.facebook.com/alexcheung.nl  (like the page for inside content)

I will be at TVB studio from 09.00 to 20.00 tomorrow.

I came across this blog, it’s someone in Malaysia when recruiting for the Kung Fu Star over there: http://double-lithium.blogspot.com/2011/06/audience-001-in-kungfu-tv-show.html

It’s late at night here, I just walk up the balcony and oh, what is Hong Kong night view beautiful. I looked up to the blinking stars and I wished good luck for the coming days. Goodnight!

‘Ik weet waar jouw huis woont’ TV Show

Ik weet waar jouw huis woont‘ translated ‘I know where you house lives’ is a new TV program by a Dutch TV channel Spirit24. This show was also broadcasted at the Dutch national channel ‘Nederland 2‘.

For more information about this program go to: www.spirit24.nl/content/ik-weet-waar-jouw-huis-woont (Dutch only)

It was the first time for me to be in a TV quiz/game show. And of course it was a great experience and fun too. We were representing the Chinese team. We Won! Yeah, we won against the Moroccan family. That means also that we know the Moroccan culture better then they know Chinese culture. Maybe it has to do with the Chinese culture too, it is very modest and close to outsiders. And of course the Moroccan community is one of the biggest in Holland, I think 2nd to Dutch?? But i’m not sure about that. But I can tell you it is in the district ‘kanaleneiland’ & Overvecht.

I feel lucky to bring my family and supported by lots of friends at the studio. It is different than film making, because there are several standard fixed camera positions. And you have to really look for the camera’s in order to spot them. Because they were at a distance with lots of things and the whole set up. Also very important is the presentation of the host, it can really make it a good show by her enthusiastic appearance (vice versa).

I hope to have more TV/Film appearance in the near future, would definitely appreciate it.

I will have another TV interview this year’s September in Holland. This is also for a new television show and let me sneak you a bit, it is about relationship . .

So by time I will post it on my www.Facebook.com/AlexCheung.nl

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100 years of Chinese in Holland – Stories of the Chinese immigrants

8 Dutch Chinese will be portrayed by the stories of their friends and colleagues and shown in an Art & Culture expo during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese immigrants in Holland. In this way the portrayed person / story can express the norms and values of the Dutch society and their way of seeing things, from the Dutch perspective. So, I was asked as the youngest among them, I  feeling honored to be portrayed in the 100 years of Chinese in Holland project. I gave the contact details of some influential people to me, so that they can be interviewed. Now it is a funding matter. Just wondering if it will get through the board . .

but after all a great initiative, and they also have a project, collecting 100 Chinese lions dancing at the DAM. Wu Dao Dragons will also perform Chinese Martial Arts in some events.

Anniversary of the HKSAR

Today, it is the 14th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region establishment, a public holiday and it’s raining. Luckily, a cooling down for Hong Kong’s warm weather.

In other words, it is 14 years ago since the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China, referred to as ‘the Return’, took place on 1 July, 1997. The event marked the end of British rule, and the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong to China.

The financial hub, famous for its sky-high rents and super-rich tycoons, has seen home prices surge on the back of record low interest rates and a flood of wealthy buyers from mainland China.

To tackle Hong Kong’s soaring property market, the government has imposed new taxes and staged a series of land auctions in the past year-and-a-half to boost supply and bring down prices.

But despite the earlier measures, some properties are still fetching eye-popping prices – the home of France’s top diplomat sold last month for HK$580 million ($74.5 million).

A study by US consultancy Demographia in January found Hong Kong’s home prices were the least affordable in the world.

After Rain there Will Be Sunshine

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo, I made it!
As I promised, I proudly tell you that after storm and rain, sunshine and sunset, the rainbow appears in night!! wow, seems impossible right?
but it really did, haha I’m so happy.
Happy to had such a day tonight. It was so sweet to see the true colors shining through. Shiny, pure and splendid. And in my heart, I don’t feel stuck anymore. I am relieved from my feelings.
My heart is beating strongly. It never felt this strong before, like nothing can stop it now. I strongly believe in myself that nothing is impossible.

After a long day on the set I was tired. Together with the Wu Dao Dragon David, actor Michael, Marsipulami and singer Denny Christian we had a lot of fun.
We had a role as the Chinese businessmen for a comic TV series ‘Toren C’. We were shooting on the rooftop of a commercial building. The location was just like the same as in the famous infernal affairs rooftop scenes. We where so-called escorted with a helicopter to the rooftop and there we suppose to have a performance of Danny Christian. It was windy but the sun was shining so that compromises. There were commercial buildings around our office and you can clearly see those employees looking out the window curiously for quite a while haha, that was fun to see.
After the wrap we took the train and went home. Without a notice David and I felt asleep leaning with my head on the window. An old lady took a picture from us, but I was too tired too ask why. Maybe because of our stylish haircut by the makeup artist. Then I remember someone woke me up with a phone call for some diamonds business.. While we were still sleepy we arrived at Utrecht station. I was so tired that I took the wrong train back home. I went all the way to Amersfoort and ya . .

Actually I was not really in the mood to meet her tonight, I was afraid that we will have another argue which annoys me so much, but after a shower I was fresh and energized. Ready to go and it ended up as a very special day to me.

What a wonderful moment, I can hardly describe it. The day I have been waiting for..
I have no words for it. You have to see my face XD gosh,.,. this is amazing. The best expression is coming from inside out, now THAT is what’s happening, I can’t stop smiling, a smile that comes from inside out. Soo lovely ^^
I am so happy that I can kiss every bypassing girl. I want to tell and show everyone my happiness! That’s why I yelled out right away in the restaurant, stopped by the girl next to me. Cuz I was at the point to run through the restaurant and climb over the counter and kiss the chef! No i’m just kidding =P
I have always said to myself, one day, this package, a box full of sticky notes messages will be delivered to the right addressee. Like a plaster on the wound. Love and care is magic. You know, lots of people give up at an early stage. There were also friends who didn’t believed this would be fine one day, but now I can tell them, we have settled this and it feels even better and stronger than before. You know, my spirit will fight till the end. Because I believe!

At this moment, life can not be better. I feel so lucky. You know, being sad, angry, frustrated or whatever you want to call it, asks a lot of negative effort. Life should be energized, by positiveness. Now I was stuck at a moment, I was disappointed in her and at the same time don’t want to hurt her, because I was afraid to loose her as a girl friend. I have written down my feelings, I have expressed my feelings through music, shared my thoughts with friends. You know, I prefer to talk with friends whom are elder than myself to bring up some wise and new perspectives. but nothing is better than to look into her eyes and say what I felt. I’ve tried many times to settle this but it was not easy, and I think most important is not to give up.

Because of this happening, I realizes how important communication is and delivering the right message. I also feel that she somehow give me positive energy which I cherish.
After all this, I now even more appreciate friendship and every relationship.

It was a difficult time we had, it always ends up with at least some argues. We both struggled. I know you want the best for me and I had the same for you too, We both had the same good intention, but somehow it wasn’t that what we expected to be. I thank you deeply for sharing my view. As I knew the road ahead was not easy, I am not afraid in the dark, cause I know there are stars to guide us to the right direction.
GOD has already planned that day, you just need to believe in it. You see, it just happened! Remember my words, I’ll be there if you should need me. You don’t have to worry.

By the way, I would like to thank Helen for her time with me sharing thoughts, she is so nice. I tell you what, now I have been to Vapiano for 2 times now, both dinners are treat by a girl. You see how lucky I should be?

I now appreciate the moments we had, they are just So Sweet,.,.
I want to be the best Alex Cheung on this planet and right now I am the luckiest Alex Cheung.

The year of the Rabbit started for me quite well, everything starts to run.
I believe this year, would be another great year with lots of opportunities and experiences.
I am looking for new challenges!
I dare to say that everything what you have seen by now is just a foretaste.
The real thing is going to start soon, so please be prepared =)
We’re going to live life to the ultimate!

God from the heavens, Thanks for watching my back.

Turning Point

Some of you may wonder why I was so happy on Facebook. I’ll tell you what . .

It’s not because we’ve been asked for a Martial Arts film scene with wiring stunts, nor the other TV job where we as the Wu Dao Dragons also have a fight scene. No, I’m just so happy that both the Martial Arts scene and another BNN TV job has been delayed that it fits better in my schedule, now I can attend to both! which I couldn’t because of leaving Holland. It was so pity, because I don’t like to miss chances!

So, to be delayed could be also good news! 😀