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Happy Birthday to my sister

22nd March – Today is a special day, because it is the birthday of my sister Mandy Cheung! and we’re both born in March! 😀 So it was always a very nice month to be remembered! She is one of the most important persons in my life. We grow up together, eat, play, hang out […]

Feng Shui interior working place

Last night I was thinking about the WHY question and suddenly the idea of changing my sister’s desk popped up. It could solve her problem of sitting for most of the time in her bed with the mac. Since her chair wasn’t comfortable enough. Also the way the desk was placed look good thought in […]

Wudao Kungfu lesson

We had the opening of the Wudao Kungfu lessons in our new gym studio @ Welgelegen sports centre. It is always exciting how many students are joining the class. You’re waiting in the studio and doing some warming up. Luckily while warming up another group of students came in. We’re hoping to encourage more women […]

Just turned 25

03/03/2012 – Man, I just realized that i’ve lived for a quarter of a century ~ Thank you all for the congratulations and birthday wishes. Thanks for the birthday dinner buddies! Some good friends of mine came with some seafood, they didn’t catched a lobster but a flatfish, and not a small one though XD […]

Comparison of the Canon EOS 60D and 600D

Well, I was looking for a dslr for filmmaking purposes. And I found an useful video review of the DSLR Canon 60D and 600D/ti3. I would recommend watching the second video if you do like the British accent, lol. I finally bought a 600D for a special price offer. I think both of them are […]

Alex got pranked by Wudao Dragon

Well, this is what happened… David Moh, yes my Kungfu buddy (Wudao Dragons teammate) who went to Singpore last year, should be away for 2 more years military service. So, the point is that he is not in the country (The Netherlands). So we had Martial Arts performances without him. The Wudao Dragons, which was […]

Hakka Hakka Rap

Vanessa passed her driving test and we went to the car dealer for her first car in Holland! GT 86? We celebrated at my friends home. And haven’t been there for a year it turned into a Lipchong Zoo exhibition, lol. I’ll show you some photos, but this is just a part of the pets! […]

My dear friend

We haven’t spoken to each other for about a year now. You know I asked about you, how you’ve been doing since we’ve been busying with our own things. And every time he tells me that he haven’t spoken to you as well for a long time and that you’re not answering phones. After all, […]

Tesla – Electric Beauty

So this is THE fastest electricity driven vehicle from Tesla. Yea. My first impression when I saw the car..  it was attractive, since it is a sports car and colored red. When I took a closer look, it has very nice finishing in the interior. Some leather and carbon are combined. The seats are really […]

Conspiracy of the Manila Philippine Incident

Tonight on National Geographic – The Netherlands When I was in Hong Kong, I was following this news live, and it just makes you so upset and furious about the ridiculous rescue of the Philippine SWAT team.  How could you let this happen, this entire incident was an inconceivable tragic. Hong Kong government insisted to […]