On the set with military marine corps

Today I went to the harbour and played the role of a captured sailor man. When I arrived on location, there was a Chinese lady from the production who lead me to the set. And you know what, she has the same family name as me! And she’s one of the first Chinese production staff I’ve met so far in Holland film industry. So I was obviously quite excited about that and wanted to talk some Chinese on the set. But I think she wasn’t interested in that at all =P
To summarize this, I tried to have fun, to learn more about film making and acting. I mean I want to get more out of the experience beside the small fee you get. You meet so many people, and that’s what a like about film making. When I was captured along with my companion, I really did felt how devastating it is not able to do anything and just desperately wait for someone to help you, while surrounded by dangerous people and weapons on board. The marine guys where pretty good equipped with these hk’s, and that was cool. I can’t wait to shoot some nice action (shooting) scenes this summer! Today we had so many takes, we were repeating the same thing on and on. It was like never ending..? I thought I did a good job, but in film there’s so many other things to take into account. Everything has to work, camera, light, sound, actors etc.. The food was good today and the production also served some candy’s on the set. I find it quite funny when the ‘tough guys’ were also grabbing some candy’s out of the same plate while still holding there rifle in the other hand.
Sorry I may not post any photos or videos as it is strictly prohibited to do that, since the commercial isn’t aired yet. It is always so sensitive particularly when shooting commercials. While I always want people to take some behind the scenes video and pictures for the publication haha, that’s when I’m filming.