TVB – Kung Fu Star show

When I left Wudang Mountain, I headed South towards the Guangdong district and finally back home in Hong Kong. It was a great experience at Wudang and I didn’t expected another adventure during my stay in China.

TVB Kung Fu Star (全球功夫新星)which is broadcasting this evening in Hong Kong. I feel lucky to have this opportunity to show my talent and potential. I am proud to represent Holland to compete against other contestants. This program stimulates Martial Arts in media and therefore it got my full support, good idea!

It perfectly fits into my Journey to the East adventure. And I can say during my stay in China, I had lots of great experiences and met lots of people, including masters by fate.

I also want to thank all the friends for supporting my Kung Fu Star 全球功夫新星 appearance. Even when I am in Hong Kong, I’ve got your support. And I actually did not expected so many people were able to come and support me at TVB 全球功夫新星show. But the most touching moment for me was actually when I finished my first form, hear the warm applause at the background, then I can see my grandfather sitting next to the jury in the middle of the audience is standing up. He is so excited and happy seeing his grandson doing so well. Because I can finally show him that I am already grown up. Since he does not really know my active life in Holland. Their recognition is my challenge during this visit back home in Hong Kong, and nothing better than this performance can express my thoughts and summarize my performance for the past few years. So I’m glad everything went so well. I want to win this price for my grandfathers big birthday. It would be the perfect present.