Optimus Lobster gets Decepticon Cichlid

After 7 months, Optimus Lobster and my Bumblebees are grown up. His wife is pregnant, I put it apart so that she could get some rest and take care of the eggs. It’s the first time I see a lobster carrying lots of eggs under his tail. It looks very special.

But Tonight, Optimus Lobster gets in action, he got a Decepticon alive! And is finishing it right now . . he’s tearing it out in pieces,.

Yup, it happens all the time in the nature . .

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New batch of Bumblebees expected!

My Bumblebee a.k.a. Yellow Saloussi Cichlides (tropical fish) is pregnant again! It is the 2nd breed now 😀 yeah! I spotted Bumblebee with a mouth full of eggs, the Malawi Cichlides keeps their eggs in the mouth and won’t eat for few weeks, After a month the babies are ready to come out the mouth of the mother and swim freely!
So its fishing time! I’m going to transfer Bumblebee to my Biube fishtank, otherwise the breed would be eaten by other sea monsters!

Check out my video of the previous breed!