Moonfestival @ Hong Kong and off to China

Today is my day off at the film set, so that makes some time free to post a blog about my trip to China so far. It is the first time I celebrate the Chinese Moonfestival in Hong Kong. It was a very busy holiday in Hong Kong and the streets are very crowded. Everybody gathers with their family and friends to have dinner. After the dinner with my grandparents, I left Hong Kong to mainland China for the Kung Fu film production where I got the opportunity to experience film making over there.

It is the first time for me to film in China, and the filming culture is really different to the Western. Lots of other things are playing a part and as a person you have to be very flexible. To me the communication was really chaotic at the beginning. There’s more pressure and stress on the set to my early film experience. But I’m getting more use to it now. But one thing I really hate is that 9 out of 10 people smokes cigarettes on the set, and I’m the one who’s not smoking. I don’t like people when they smoke, because it stinks, is bad for your health and it irritates my eyes!
You know, the crazy thing here is when you receive your call sheet that you only know what time your day starts and not what time you’ll be finish filming. Ok, most of the film productions are alike, but here it could be over overtime. You know my eyes popped out when I saw 28 hours on the call sheet, I was like; what does this mean haha! And so I started about 8 in the morning and went back to the hotel like 5 in the morning.. Luckily the studio is just 10 minutes away from the hotel by car. People were sleeping on the chair and on the floor, anywhere to get a nap while waiting.

I’m 2 hours away from Hong Kong and the city is totally different. The pace in Hong Kong is real fast and here in Dongguan it is not like that. It is also not that crowded luckily and the weather is fine. But every time when I’m in China, i’m like looking for food which are not spicy at all. When you ask for non spicy food, it is still a bit spicy. At least to me it is. So I’ve to get use to the food here too and the irregular times.

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Flight to Hong Kong


Breakfast: French baguette with smoked salmon yummy

I’m ready for my flight at 12.40 and after the check in and customs there was an office.. Tax free office.. so I was interested and walked to the counter and asked the madame what the office does. Her desk was by the way full of receipts.. 😛 Then she made clear to me that this service is only for foreigners traveling, they can claim the tax payed for the goods at the Tax Free zone, but as Dutch citizens they say its tax free but it’s actually not. Good to know, I continued for my flight haha

before I take my fight I looked for some souvenirs..






What is so special about this hat, well it’s warm for in the cold winter haha

My sister is fond of this textile material, she would love it. (she already have one, a bear or panda was it)

So here we are at the gateway Schiphol Amsterdam Holland.

Let’s see what Cathay have to offer on the menu, I can remember good food flying with Cathay. I was hungry! I had two extra croissants and went to the kitchen and snacked a little bit and you know what, I even asked the stewardess personal snacks and she treat me the Dutch waffles! It was tasty! Let me share you my flight menu:

I haven’t slept much, I think I have starred to the monitor for more than 8 hours. I watched 3 movies, Planet of the Apes which is a good one, didn’t watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4, hope to see it with my friends later. Some tv shows and some interesting interviews like Paco with guests Wong Jing and Leung famous film directors from Hong Kong sharing their stories as filmmakers.

You see, good appetite right?

So while having my instant noodles I was checking for other TV programs and guess what is among the list of programs, Kung Fu Supernova!

I was surprised that even in the plane I can watch Kung Fu Supernova, how would it be to see yourself in a tv show in the plane?


Small chang for good, my last bit of Euros.


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