Glorious stars

Just when I want to pull down the curtains and go to sleep I saw a very bright star blinking. I looked at it through the small window for a few minutes. The star was so attractive and I had a special feeling like it is communicating. Despite the freezing temperature outside, I decided to open the window and hang out the window with my head turned upside down facing the sky. Now I can see thousands of stars. I realised that when I didn’t opened the window I would have missed the chance to see all the other stars and the heavenly beauty.

You may have heard of the frog in the well story; Stop glancing at the sky at the bottom of the well.

In Life – If you never take the step to see the outside world, You would never know there are such beautiful things in this world.

On Love – Sometimes you need to let go one, to discover the existence of others.

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