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Kung Fu Performance at China Festival with Alex Cheung

Kung Fu Pose at China festival Utrecht

Kung Fu for Kids with Alex Cheung at China Festival Utrecht

Kungfu Performance 2010 Erasmus (part I)

Kungfu Performance 2010 Erasmus (part II)

Utrecht Chinees Nieuwjaar viering Teaser (2012)



My Dearest Mastermind

This film is a project to fight against Human Trafficking. It premiered at the Charity Event of Art.273 in The Hague.


Alex Cheung  short film: “A Single Step”

CinemAsia Film Festival 2010 FilmLab Shorts Finalist

A young Chinese boy is bullied by some street kids. After meeting Sophia, his world is changed and he decides to take on the boys and impress the girl . . . with Kung Fu!